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We're building a modern, efficient and dynamic supply chain, and we need a team driven to innovate and transform to help us continue to evolve.

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Ambitious Associates Are The Key To Our Supply Chain​​​​​​​

Our supply chain is a critical part of our mission to deliver the right home improvement projects, with the best service and value, across every channel and community we serve.

As our customers' expectations evolve, so does our supply chain. Lowe's supply chain experts and our distribution and fulfillment associates work effortlessly to ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time, no matter when and where our customers shop. Learn more about career opportunities at Lowe's - you could be the missing link in our growing and evolving supply chain.

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Lowe's Supply Chain Careers with Luci

Find Your Fit at Lowe's

In Our Distribution Centers
You can find a wide variety of job opportunities in our distribution centers, ranging from hourly roles to management positions to maintenance and engineering roles.


Our management team provides a critical link between our Supply Chain associates and the hardworking team members who execute our distribution. They ensure the safety of our workers and the effective movement of product through our distribution facilities.

Team Member

Our Team Members are the core of our Supply Chain operations. These associates are responsible for receiving, processing, stocking, selecting, moving, and loading manufactured goods in preparation for shipment to Lowe's retail stores.

Engineering & Maintenance

These specialty roles are responsible for maintaining and enhancing our distribution center network. They lead facility safety, quality, productivity, accuracy, capacity and efficiency.

In Our Corporate Office
We have Supply chain opportunities in the corporate office too. From transportation to inventory planning, we need industry experts and motivated individuals to fill a variety of roles within our supply chain corporate team.

Inventory Fulfillment

Impeccable customer service starts with having the right products available, whenever and wherever they’re needed. This team is critical to hitting inventory targets, supporting replenishment planning, and actively monitoring logistical performance and costs.

Planning & Forecasting

This team helps plan and forecast our supply chain needs and ensures adherence to targets and inventory schedules. They help our supply chain stay on track, proactively tackling issues and planning for the future.


Effective transport and logistics are the backbone of any supply chain organization. This team performs tracking and delivery of national and international freight, manages fleets and maintenance at distribution centers, coordinates logistical projects and aids logistical decision-making.


E-Commerce is one of the fastest-growing areas of Supply Chain at Lowe’s. From developing and managing strategies to meet the inventory demands of
​​​​​​​E-Commerce, collaborating with merchants, analyzing online consumer behavior and more, these roles are critical in driving our omnichannel success.

Strategy & Project Management

Lowe’s Supply Chain runs on big ideas, grounded by modern supply chain theory and logistics technology. These roles oversee the management and execution of these complex, multi-team initiatives, utilizing logistical expertise and various project management protocols.

Supply Chain Analytics & Reporting (Innovations)

These roles support strategic initiatives with modeling, analytics and data-driven business acumen. This team continually develops new and innovative ways of evaluating and solving design, capacity and optimization problems within Supply Chain.

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I joined the Lowe's Supply Chain team because I was intrigued by the amount of products we carry and their different purposes and functionalities. I'm the buyer for drywall and, in disaster relief, drywall is in demand. To know that an item you manage can help so many families and communities rebuild is truly an awesome experience.


Inventory Replenishment Sr. Specialist

What We're Looking For

Collaborative Problem-Solvers

The Lowe's supply chain is a vast, complex network. It takes cross-functional teamwork and problem-solving to deliver on our needs. Associates should be comfortable working across departments and balancing multiple business concerns with every project.

Data-Driven Decision Makers

Success is in the details. We need technical experts ready to dive deep into massive amounts of data, from multiple systems and viewpoints. Supply chain associates apply rigorous analysis to every decision and can distill complicated problems into actionable, data-driven solutions.

Strategic Thinkers

For operational excellence and a seamless supply chain, we need critical-thinking every step of the way, with an eye on end-to-end goals. Associates should have an advanced understanding of supply chain theory and high-level insight into supply chain cause-and effect.

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