Do you find meaning in serving others? Are you driven to take action and achieve results? If so, we have a place here for you.

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Working in Our Corporate Office

At Lowe's, you either serve customers, or you serve those who serve customers. In fact, we call our corporate office the Store Support Center, because that's just what we do - our corporate associates support our stores in their efforts to serve our customers. This is where associates from every department come together, all working to deliver exceptional customer experience and to protect and grow one of North America's most recognizable brands.

Our headquarters is based in a stunning campus setting in Mooresville, North Carolina. We have additional corporate associates located in key markets around the globe.
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Find Your Fit at Lowe's


Merchandising finds and develops the best home improvement products across the globe and brings them right to our customers, in our retail stores, ProServices, and online. With roles in general merchandising, sourcing, product development, planning and forecasting, and so much more, this is one of the fastest-growing and most influential divisions at Lowe’s.

Supply Chain

Lowe’s is building a modern, competitive supply chain to support our mission of bringing the right products, with the best service and value, to every customer we serve. Our supply chain experts in corporate work in inventory fulfillment, planning, transportation, and more to set a successful foundation for our distribution centers across the U.S.


This team is on a mission to be the leader in home improvement and retail technology. With a new Global Technology Center in Charlotte, NC, a team of visionary leaders, and more than 2,000 new roles for out-of-the-box thinkers, Tech at Lowe’s is setting the stage for the next generation of retail technology.

Human Resources

We value our more than 300,000 associates as our greatest asset and rely on the guidance of our dedicated Human Resources team to ensure Lowe's is a great place for them to work. From the Talent Acquisition professionals helping job seekers to find their fit, to the HR partners providing support to our store teams and those working to offer the best in benefits and career development programs, HR puts the health and well-being of Lowe’s associates at the forefront.

Finance & Accounting

This team optimizes the company’s finances and ensures Lowe’s finds continued success with every decision, from top to bottom line. They provide indispensable oversight and acumen to keep our income, assets, and financial plans working for Lowe’s, its associates, and customers.

Legal, Risk & Compliance

These roles are responsible for providing counsel, identifying legal risk, and balancing business objectives with adhesion to the law across the entirety of the Lowe’s organization. These associates at Lowe’s have a deep understanding of both broad and day-to-day legal issues that affect Lowe’s and are adept at translating them for the business units they support.

Marketing & Communications

These professionals excel at shaping and telling the Lowe’s story. From digital and print product advertising, to public relations, social media, and more, these teams help bring our brand voice to life and provide an invaluable link between Lowe’s, our associates and our customers.

Strategic Sourcing &
​​​​​​​Real Estate Growth

Lowe’s has more than 2,200 retail stores across the United States and Canada, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. These teams are always on the lookout for great new locations that help us meet business goals while serving as many communities as we can.

Asset Protection & ​​​​​​​Security

Safeguarding the security of our customers, associates, and proprietary information is essential. This team employs cutting-edge technology and the strongest defenses to protect Lowe’s against theft, cyber security breaches, and more. Our customers and employees entrust us with their valuable personal information – and this team works hard every day to earn that trust.

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As an employee of Lowe’s, I continue to be impressed with how my leaders have empowered me to truly make an impact on the business. We are at a time of great growth at Lowe’s, with leadership that is seeking innovative and creative contributors. There is so much opportunity to make a difference on the business and have a positive impact on our stores, our associates and our customers – it is an exciting time to be a part of the company.


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What We're Looking For

Focused on the Customer

At Lowe’s, we’re always on a mission to deliver the best customer experience. Every position on our team ultimately serves customers or the associates who serve them. Corporate team members support this mission by empowering our associates and by keeping a persistent focus on our customers.

Action and Results-Oriented

Lowe’s is undergoing constant growth. As part of a company with more than 300,000 associates, corporate team members play a crucial role in empowering others and overcoming obstacles to achieve our mission. Corporate associates should be skilled listeners focused on driving associate success across all areas of the business.

A Desire for Learning and Growth

A drive to always keep learning is a key attribute for any team member at Lowe's. Associates who have a passion for learning will find numerous opportunities for career achievement at Lowe's.

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